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Canada: Yogen Früz now at the Ex with special flavours!

Let’s go to the Ex! Proudly Canadian brand Yogen Früz is excited to celebrate the Ex this year with a new location in the Food Building. To get in the spirit of this great Canadian fair, Yogen Früz developed special flavours that you won’t find at any other Yogen Früz location. Flavours include Rollercoaster Cotton Candy, Lime Frenzy Sorbet, Mangolicous Tart, Mega Chocolate Truffle Explosion, Cookies + Cream Explosion made with real Oreo®s and of course, Classic Vanilla. With all of the options in the Food Building, treating the family to a delicious and nutritious frozen yogurt creation is a great way to indulge and have fun during an active day at the Ex.



The Ex is a great way to celebrate the end of the summer, which means back-to-school is around the corner. To help prepare for the busy back-to-school season, Yogen Früz has partnered with Sears to offer customers exceptional added value. For every frozen yogurt purchase of $5 or more at participating Yogen Früz stores, customers will get a $10 Sears savings card, perfect for everything from fashion to home décor to electronics, music  and more. By signing up to receive the Sears email newsletter you will also be sent another $10 voucher. Savings cards are available now until September 16.Look for Yogen Früz at the Ex in the Food Building from now until September 2.
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