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Celebrate with Yogen Früz frozen yogurt cakes!


Believe it or not, parties just got even better 😉

We don’t mean to brag but these THREE new additions to our tügo catering line will definitely make ür parties and celebrations even better and yümmier. Change things up by treating your guests to a fün, delicioüs, and healthier cake option at your next party. Three new ready-to-serve frozen yogurt cakes are now available at participating stores.

Classic Oreo® – This is a crowd pleaser. Cut into layers of chocolate cake and our famous Oreo® cookies + cream explosion frozen yogurt with a giant Oreo® cookie on top. Plus, this cake has Oreo® cookie crumbs both on top and around the outside!

Strawberry Cheesecake – Just like the real thing, but healthier, so how can you say no:P ?  This cake layers soft vanilla cake with our low-fat strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt swirled with strawberry puree and real cheesecake chunks. Plus, it’s topped with a delicious strawberry puree and graham cookie crumbs around the sides.

Celebration – The name of this cake says it all, it’s perfect for any and all occasions worth celebrating. This cake layers our low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt and vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles mixed in and on top

Girls’ night in? Study session? Anniversary? Birthday Party? Office Meeting? Holiday Party? Whatever the occasion, frozen yogurt cakes will complete the celebration with slices of yüm your guests will lüv.


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