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Devlin DeFrancesco, Kart Racing King, sponsored by Yogen Früz

The BSRKC Kart Racing Championship was held in Toronto’s Downsview Park this past weekend. Yogen Früz was proud to be an official sponsor of BSRKC and to Devlin DeFrancesco, kart tag number “00”. Devlin being 7 years old, was the youngest competitor at the race and he managed to place 4th among 159 entries at the event. Now that’s what we call a winner, the making of a future Dale Earnhardt Jr!

I spoke with Devlin’s dad, Andy about his son and his successes.

Where is Devlin’s hometown? And please tell us a little more about him.

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario.

Birthdate: January 17, 2000 at 25 weeks gestational and just over 1lb, – Devlin spent about 4 months in an incubator. His #00 stems from being born in 2000.

When did Devlin start racing?

This is Devlins first year racing.

How did he first pick up kart racing?

He and his brother would watch Nascar and always pretend they were Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr and kept saying how cool it would be to race, so I bought them both Karts for Christmas 2006.

How has Devlin perform in his past races?

Devlin is the youngest racer in all the series he participated in, in Cadet ages 7 to 9. He has won 2 of 4 Waterloo Regional races and placed 2 and 3rd in the other 2. There is 1 more race to go. Devlin won 2 of 6 Brian Stewart Karting Championship races including the Kawartha Grand Prix and came 3rd overall for the season in points. He also won the Windsor Grand Prix street race this year. He also has a # of Novice races (ages 9 to 11) with 2nd being his best finish.

When is he racing next?

He’s racing in Simcoe this weekend with the Novices and Waterloo with Cadets the following weekend, both are final club races this season. He will also race in the prestigious Octoberfest Karting Championship also in Waterloo. January 2008 to March 2008 he will race in Miami, Palm Beach and Ocala in the “Florida Winter Tour” with the best kids 8 to 10 in the world.

What are good web resources where we can get more info on Karting?

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