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Paris Hilton loves Yogen Früz frozen yogurt

Paris Hilton gets a healthy addiction.

It is 11 a.m. in a sprawling Toronto suburban mall as the pretty retail associates are prepping for another busy day. Then their cell phones start buzzing with text messages, a famous hotel heiress has told her driver to wait for her at the mall’s front door, as she runs in to get her latest addiction. Free your minds people, Paris Hilton is in the house and she needs some frozen yogurt!

Can frozen yogurt be addictive?

As a black SUV waits outside with the engine running, a couple hundred fashionable retail staff and lucky early bird shoppers catch a glimpse of Paris Hilton and her friends as they shop for Frozen Yogurt while creating quite the commotion.

It’s like holiday shopping madness but in October! She has been in Toronto shooting a film for the last 45 days.

Paris Hilton is spotted live and in person at Yorkdale Mall, sporting a hot pink t-shirt and designer sun glasses as she heads straight to Yogen Früz for her fix.

Paris looks cool up close and much taller in person. She’s been seen enjoying her frozen yogurt fix a number of times at Yogen Früz during her stay in Toronto.

Afterwards, we went up to the Yogen Früz yogurtista at the counter and asked what Paris ordered, so here is the Paris Hilton special – raspberry mango no-fat with fruity pebbles on top.

There must have been about 200 people trying to get a glimpse of the famous poptart princess.

In line, one of the customers had a really cute Chihuahua / Tinkerbell look-alike wearing the most stylin’ doggie vest, then she approached Paris and invited her to pet the dog, as soon as Paris started petting the faux Tinkerbell, it started barking viciously. It was hilarious as Paris shrieked but took it in stride. Paris Hilton then left happily eating her Yogen Früz frozen yogurt.

So what did this absolutely fabulous Hilton heiress have to say, as she was leaving the store? “It’s so good”.

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  1. I love frozen yogurt!

    Comment by mj — August 16, 2008 @ 1:37 am

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