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Top Ten Holiday and Christmas Shopping Tips

We ran into an interesting article over at the Fitness Tips for Life website. They offered advice about healthy foods you can eat while holiday shopping at the mall and what foods to avoid. Guess who they suggested?

Now we came up with our own list of tips to compliment anyone’s holiday shopping experience.

1. Try to come to the mall only wearing a light jacket as the malls are already set to a toasty 72F / 22C

2. Bring cash only so you know you will not overspend

3. Wear comfortable shoes

4. Avoid caffeine as it just gives you a short spike in energy and leaves you more tired than before

5. Avoid shopping on an empty stomach

6. Eat healthy snacks like Yogen Früz frozen yogurt, smoothies and fruit cups to maintain your energy level. 🙂

7. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water

8. Bring your iPod to avoid having to listen to the same holiday jingles over and over, from store to store.

9. Take lots of breaks, cuz we know what heavy shopping bags can do.

10. Most of all, have fun! Wear a Ü on your face!

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  1. ,..] is one must read source of tips on this subject,..]

    Comment by Steve — November 19, 2009 @ 5:02 pm

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