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Yogen Fruz Signs New Partner to Add 60 Stores in Japan

TORONTO, Ontario — Yogen Früz, a frozen yogurt chain with 1,100 stores in over 20 countries, announced today that it has signed new partner and master franchisee Toyoda Sangyo Co. Ltd. to more than quintuple its store locations in Japan.

The agreement calls for the development of 60 Yogen Früz outlets throughout Japan over the next five years, adding to the 15 stores already operating in that country and managed by Toyoda Sangyo under the Yogen Früz banner.

Toyoda Sangyo has been involved in the foodservice industry as a franchisee and purchaser of various independent restaurants since 2000, when it diversified into foodservice after many years as a manufacturer of textile machines. The company is based in Aichi, Japan, and has developed or acquired 44 restaurant locations to date.

“Our franchising operations in Pacific Rim nations such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand have been consistently successful in terms of profitability and growth over the past decade. Japan is the largest and most affluent market in the region, so it presents a major business opportunity for us,” said Aaron Serruya, President of Yogen Früz. “Toyoda Sangyo has a strong foodservice track record, and we are confident that they will help us successfully grow Yogen Früz throughout Japan.”

via Reuters

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