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It’s The Cherry On Top

There’s maraschino, black, bing, and rainier to name a few but did you know there’s over 1000 types of cherries? However, they all generally fall into two categories, sweet or sour, which are available at your grocery store. The most popular type of sweet cherry is the Bing cherry which is sold fresh. Sour cherries are canned and used in pies, dried into fruit snacks and made into juice concentrate. Since cherries bruises easily, you need to handle them with care. When buying cherries, look for a bright color and supple exterior. The ones that are plump and firm will taste the best. If you are looking for good quality cherries, try to get the ones with their green stems attached.

Like most other fruits, cherries are fat-free, low in calories and sodium and high in potassium, Vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Have you tried dark sweet cherries in your Mix It frozen yogurt? Cherry-chocolate is the most popular choice. Try it today to take advantage of its nutritional benefits.

Source: Life123
Source: Antioxidant Fruits

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