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Yogen Fruz On Top Of The World

Yogen Früz recently jumped at the unique opportunity to support the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation (MSHF) as they prepared to ascend to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.

On July 11th, 2011, armed with flag in hand, we took this once-in-a-lifetime climb as our chance to scout for our very first Yogen Früz location in Africa. Drawing perplexed looks from our fellow team members and guides, details of the new store were worked out along the three-day journey to the summit. Customers will be encouraged to pick their own fruits and toppings from the native and unique vegetation that grows in abundance on Mount Kilimanjaro’s slopes. Since there are no roads, complimentary quadrupedal transportation (ü-mule for short) will be made available free of charge. Unfortunately, because this new location is many, many, miles from the nearest bank, we except exact change only. No debit, credit or bartering. Sorry!

Hope to see ü on top!

All fun aside, the proceeds of the MSHF’s Climb to Conquer goes towards helping adolescents and children struggling with mental illness by raising money for the Mental Health Program and increasing public awareness. We are proud to help the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation grow their new wing for the stigma of mental health by providing our youth with the understanding, care and treatment they need to live normal, healthy lives.

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  1. ¡Es muy interesante el ver el banner de Yogen Früz en el Kilimanjaro!

    A mi me encantan sus productos y los consumo en Puerto Rico. Siempre voy a la tienda de Hato Rey.

    Los felicito por este logro

    Comment by Luis Malave — August 19, 2011 @ 4:25 pm

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