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Blake Strode Wears a Yogen Fruz Patch :)

What is that tennis term again, 15-love? Well take away the 15 and you got a word that best describes our feelings towards Blake Strode! The sensational tennis star also happens to be a huge fan of Yogen Früz. Maybe it’s because we provide delicious and nutritious frozen deserts, a flavourful addition to healthy and active living!

Oh, and that tall, handsome fella to the right? That’s John Isner! He holds the record for the longest match in recorded history – 11 hours in length! Talk about endurance! Check out the picture below!

P.s. We want a YF patch too (better get workin’ on that forehand)!

Blake Strode

From left to right: Howard Udell, Blake Strode, Monica Udell, Alex Udell and John Isner

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