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Five Ways to Enjoy the Holidays – The Healthy Edition by Yogen Fruz

The holidays are here! And while we are sure you love everything there is to love about the most wonderful time of the year, sometimes we can fall a little too in love (cough cough third glass of egg nog).  Here are five ways to avoid putting on the holiday pounds without avoiding your favourite festive fillings!

1.    Eat Regularly: It gets super busy this time of the year causing major diet disruptions. We can go hours without eating when we are in a ‘gift wrap zone’ and then over indulge when we are in ‘party zone.’ Avoid eating irregularly; keep snacks handy and healthy. We recommend a Yogen FrÜz fruit cup – its heart-healthy and full of flavour!

2.    Sleep: Make sure your counting your sheep during the holidays! Catching major z’s will reduce stress and help boost your metabolism.

3.    Exercise: You’ve got a million and one things to do before the 24th, how will you ever find the time to hit the elliptical. Don’t worry; exercising comes in all shapes and forms (literally). Take a brisk walk while catching up with visiting family or do some crunches while watching your fave Christmas special!

4.    Relax: The holidays are all about enjoyment, however sometimes relaxing and enjoying are not one in the same. Make sure to breathe, relax and take time for Ü.  Read that book you just bought or enjoy your favorite frozen yogurt with a friend.

5.    Indulge Moderately: How could anyone say no to a turkey dinner with all the fixings? You don’t have to. Enjoy everything in moderation. Have your CARBniverous meal with a glass of water instead of wine or substitute bread for more veggies. Whatever you do make sure to treat yourself, you’ve been so good this year!

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