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The Benefits of Blüeberries!

With just 80 calories per cup* and virtually no fat, there are four reasons why we lüv to top our frozen yogurt with blueberries:

1. They’re packed with vitamin C, you can get almost 25% of your daily requirement from enjoying a blueberry frozen yogurt – that’s a reason to smile!

2. High in dietary fiber. Blueberries not only keep your appetite in check but also your heart and cholesterol – talk about a win/win!

3. They’re an excellent source of manganese. Blueberries play an active role in bone development and the conversion of food into energy!

4. They’re leaders in antioxidant activity. These blue beauties are one of the top when it comes to activity per serving – so fill that frozen yogurt and enjoy the buzz these berries offer!

With their highly nutritious quality, blueberries are a delicious and healthy choice for your Mix It and Top It früzes! What is your favourite way to enjoy blueberries? 

Click here more info on blueberries.


*per small cup of blueberries 

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