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25 years of Yogen Fruz!

 Wow – are we really a quarter of a century old? For üs, it’s less about getting old and more about reminiscing the wünderful years we’ve been serving great people like ü! It also got us thinking about all we have done at YF – a laundry list of accomplishments and experiences that define us and our frozen yogurt! Speaking of lists, here is a great one compiled by ‘Totally Unique Life’ on 25 things to do before you’re 25! We are crossing them off as we type!



1. Eat healthy to stay healthy. Learn how to eat right now so you can still be kickin’ in your later years.

2. Do yoga. Yoga keeps your body resilient, and helps prevent injury.

3. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Avoid letting clutter and unnecessary junk enter your life.

4. Learn to cook. You’ll save money on takeout, and you’ll eat better too.

5. Move your body every day. Get up and stretch, or go for a walk every hour or two.


6. Learn a new sport every year. Try extreme sports like mountain biking, kayaking or a team sport you have always wanted to play.

7. Get outdoors…and stay out! Studies show that young people who develop a passion for the outdoors will be lifelong devotees.

8. Do something creative every week. Having a creative outlet reduces stress and keeps the mind nimble.

9. Teach someone else a sport you love. It will help you improve, and keep you playing.

10. Read, read, read. Anything you can get your hands on.


11. See the world. Experiencing cultures different from your own broadens your horizons and opens up doors you never knew even existed.

12. See the third world. It will challenge you in ways you can’t imagine, and will open your mind and teach you compassion.

13. Learn a second, third, or fourth language. It’s fun, and you’ll have a lifelong excuse to travel.

14. Take a volunteer vacation. Help a non-profit organization build a school, assist in a clinic, or provide disaster relief.

15. Share your travel experiences. Write a travel blog, and inspire other young people to see the world.


16. Learn something new everyday!

17. Study abroad. This is a life-changing experience that no one should miss!

18. Keep learning. Take community education classes, and work hard to nurture a curious mind.

19. Teach a class. Help someone else improve their life by sharing your valuable skills.

20. Postpone graduate school. Give yourself time to figure it out; school will always be there.


21. Find a job you love, working with people you love even more. Even if it means less pay, you’ll be happier in the long run.

22. Avoid credit card debt. It can ruin your life, so don’t be tempted to live outside of your means.

23. Don’t work yourself to the bone. You won’t get ahead that much, and you’ll miss out on the best years of your life!

24. Try working for yourself or freelancing. Freedom and flexibility are the keys to long-term career happiness.

And finally

25. Follow your heart!



Also – Keep an eye out for our anniversary promos this year and the next time you visit your neighbourhood YF, be sure to wish us a happy one J



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