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New Year, New Ü


Happy Nü Year, FrüzNation!

Are you one to kick-start the new year with a list of resolutions?
With the help of the internet, we’ve compiled a short list that can be done easily and will make for a happier start to the Nü Year:

– Give to a charity

– Make a new relationship that is mutually lüving, caring and nourishing.

– Put down your phone or walk away from the computer.

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Take a screen-free walk at lunch to recharge.

– Get better at something you’re already good at.

– Eat healthy. Increase antioxidants and probiotics with fresh fruit & dairy in your daily diet.


Whichever resolution ü choose, remember to live healthy and lüv life.
Wishing you health, prosperity, and happiness in 2014 Ü


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