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It’s All About Ü- Featuring Elan Chan

Rewinding back to the month of May, we started getting notifications on twitter almost everyday from a follower. She would tag us in a drawing everyday of her working at Yogen Früz. Turns out she is one of our employees, and she works at our very first Yogen Früz location— Promenade Mall in Ontario, Canada! Her name is Elan Chan!

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(See all of her drawings here)

We had a chance to chat with Elan about her drawings and experience of working at Yogen Früz.

Q: What made  you decide to work at Yogen Früz?

A: I was looking for a Summer job. One day I was strolling in Promenade Mall and I walked by Yogen Früz, I had a good feeling so I handed in my resume. The next day, I got a call from Yogen Früz and long story short, I got the job!

Q: What is your favourite part of working at Yogen Früz?

A: My favourite is making the yogurt for the customers and to cut the strawberries.

Q: Have you been coming to Promenade Mall for a long time?

A: No I haven’t. I only started coming here since I started working here which is a month ago. I also just moved here a month ago because before then, I was living in Oakville for 3 years. Also before that, I was in Hong Kong…that’s where I grew up!

Q: Did you enjoy Yogen Früz before you started working here?

A: Yes I did! I remember the first time I tried Yogen Früz was 3 years ago at Markham Mall. I was with my mother and my friend, and I got the banana flavour.

Q: How about now—what is your favourite menu item?

A: Now my favourite is green tea frozen yogurt and cheesecake mixed together. It tastes awesome!

                                         Q: Can you tell us when you started to take interest in art?

A: I started to take interest when I moved to Canada… I was in high school then.

Q: What inspired you to start drawing the pictures about your work day at Yogen Früz?

A: I love to draw! Since I started working here at Yogen Früz, it has become a part of my everyday life. It’s become a self project because then everyday I have something new to draw!

Q: Do you plan on continuing this self project specifically about working at Yogen Früz?
A: I stopped at day 20.
Q: Who inspires you as an artist/ your favourite artist?

A:  Montey Oum is my favourite! He focuses on animation and he’s also a writer.

Q: Have you had any formal training?

A: Yes, I studied illustration at Sheridan College. Coming September, I will be studying animation at Seneca College.

Q: What style of drawings do you like to create?

A: I like to draw human figures! I like making them funny and interesting. I also like to paint!

Q: Where do you usually create art?

A: I like to create art at home, or really whenever and wherever I can. I think outside inspiration is very important.

Q: What is your goal?

A: My goal is to become an artist for a living. I would love to create art, animation, and write stories.

Q: How did you react when we contacted you about your artwork?

A: Yes oh my god! It was the best thing of my life!…let me answer more properly. I was so happy when you contacted me!

Q: Do you have any interesting stories about your experience at Yogen Früz?

A: Yea! One time a customer tried to ask me if they could get anything for free, so I told them that smiles are free! And another time, a lady customer ordered and paid for her froyo then told me she will be right back. More than 20 minutes past and I was still waiting so I put her froyo in the freezer. She eventually came back though! Also, when I got my paycheque, I converted the amount into the amount of froyo I could get. I calculated 10 small froyos and 6 toppings! I’m rich!


As a company that sells products, Yogen Früz also strive to provide top customer service and for our employees to create moments/connection that bring delight to our customers. After all people are our future and strongest asset!
We are very fortunate to have Elan Chan as an employee! Seeing that she’s already a young passionate artist, we believe she can pursue her goal in becoming an artist for a living! Little moments in life are important and Elan captured them through her drawings. Make sure to check out Elan’s twitter to see her artworks and to go by Yogen Früz at Promenade Mall to say hi to Elan! 

Thank Ü Elan!

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