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Yogen Früz love story featuring Teri and Matt

Some of Ü may only associate Yogen Früz with froyo® and smoothies but for others,
they associate it with lüv!
This Valentine’s Day, we have the honour to talk to a couple from Virginia right outside of Washington, DC about their Yogen Früz lüv story.

Hello, could you introduce yourself to us?

Teri: My name is Teri McClure and I am from the great state of New Jersey, but currently I live about an hour outside of Washington, DC in Virginia. I work as a recruiter at a software company. When I moved to this area, I lived across the street from a town center that had a Yogen Früz store. That was where I first encountered Yogen Früz and I was instantly hooked!
For a while, my go-to froyo® to get was the strawberry, banana and vanilla mix-it. Recently, I have been mixing peach and vanilla! Regardless of which flavür I get, I always get chocolate curls as toppings!

Matt: I am Matt McClure and I grew up in Virginia Beach. After I graduated from college, I moved to Northern Virginia for work! I am a Credit Risk Manager for a finance company. When I go to Yogen Früz, my favourite flavürs are the Blueberry Açai top-it and the cherry and vanilla mix-it!

Teri and Matt

You told us that you guys met at Yogen Früz, can you tell us how that happened?

Teri: Yea! We met at a Yogen Früz store and it was very unclear who was in line first. As I was admiring all the options on the menu, Matt told me that I could go first but I insisted that he goes first. He said that he would be quick because he was a regular at Yogen Früz so he knew exactly what he wanted. I though to myself how bizarre because I eat here every day! As we were approaching to pay, the cashier asked Matt and I if we were together (same bill). Matt laughed and replied with “we just met, but she wants me!”

Yogen Früz seems like an important memory and even until now, a very important experience to you both, can you tell us why?

We currently live approximately 40 minutes away from our go-to Yogen Früz in Tysons Corner, Virginia, but it happens to be conveniently located closed to Matt’s workplace. Matt stops by after work quite often and brings some home so we can enjoy it together. Thankfully he usually buys a few different cups so I often enjoy them for breakfast throughout the week!

Froyo to go

We even wash the blue spoons after we are done and we have a special spot for them in our kitchen drawer! The reason why is so that we never have to eat Yogen Früz without the blue spoon!
I always ask Matt if we could somehow get a Yogen Früz mixing machines installed in our house! Haha!

blue spoon

Are there any other special stories you would like to share about your experience with Yogen Früz?

Teri: We both enjoy travelling and we always try to find a Yogen Früz location to try! Most recently, we found a location in Puerto Rico and we were able to stop by on the way to the airport. It was the perfect ending to a vacation!


Matt and I also talk about going to Canada to visit Yogen Früz’s corporate office! We would love to take a picture with a big sign (we’re hoping there is one, and a gigantic cup of froyo next to it!)!


Lüv can happen anywhere and we are so honoured to be a part of Teri and Matt’s lüv story.
We hope everyone have a lovely Valentine’s Day whether it’s with your other half, your family, or your friends!
Just remember to share the lüv!

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