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Teri and Matt

Hey früz®nation!

If you’ve been following us since February of last year, you  would remember the Valentine’s Day post about a couple from Virginia, US. Their names are Teri and Matt, and they met at a Yogen Früz® location! Recently, the Yogen Früz® head office in Markham, Ontario received an e-mail from Teri that they will be visiting Toronto, Ontario in the Fall of 2017! Back in February 2017 during the first interview, we had discussed that whenever they plan to visit Toronto, they would always be more than welcome to come visit the head office. Instantly we worked out a time for the couple to drop by our office to see what it is like at work behind the scene. We had the pleasure of asking Teri and Matt a few questions about their experience.


q: What made you guys come to Toronto?

a: Ever since I was little, my birthday has been my absolute favourite day of the year so I do something extra fun every September 22nd to celebrate (it usually involves a trip somewhere). I had never been to Niagara Falls before (or  Toronto), and since Yogen Früz® is my favourite, I decided it would be the perfect spot to visit because I could combine both of those two things! I wanted to try all of the cool cones and flavürs of Yogen Früz® that my local store doesn’t have that I see on social media all the time!


q: How was your trip to Toronto?

Matt: It was very fun and exciting! We enjoyed experiencing different parts of the city too, such as the high energy outside of the Blue Jays stadium. The Distillery District was great too, and the food was fantastic!


Teri: Toronto was amazing! Matt and I both fell in love with the city! We loved the mix of modern and historical architecture, the amount of diversity, and how incredibly nice everyone we interacted with were. The food was pretty amazing too! It definitely far exceeded our expectations and we will be back for sure.


q: What was the most memorable part about your trip?

Matt: It was fun to visit the local Yogen Früz stores that had certain drinks and food that are not available in our location at home. I had a Taro drink that was fantastic!


Teri: Hands down the best part of the trip was getting to visit the Yogen Früz® head quarter on my birthday! I have been such a HUGE Yogen Früz® fan for a long time, and I met Matt at a Yogen Früz® so it was especially awesome to see how  everything works behind the scenes. It was great meeting Debbie from the marketing team and Carlos from product development. Everyone at the office was so amazing and went above and beyond to make us feel welcome! I loved being able to sample different flavürs and learn how to make the different treats.


q: Is the Yogen Früz head office just as you expected it to be?

Teri: Yes! But I was hoping there would be a gigantic cup of frozen yogurt as part of the sign when you pull into the parking lot, but the smiley face sign absolutely made up for that! I also had no idea that Yogen Früz® was affiliated with so many other brands of frozen treats so it was awesome to learn about that.


Matt: The office had an especially vibrant atmosphere with posters and statues that were unexpected and fun!


q: Was it hard to learn how to create your own Yogen Früz treats?

a: I have watched staff create my Yogen Früz® treats so many times at my local store, and they make it look so easy! It was not terribly difficult but I absolutely did not perfect the swirl! I need to practice more.


q: Did you get to try different flavürs?

Matt: My favourite flavour that I tried was a blueberry and vanilla Mix-it which I am surprised I never tried before. It is currently my new favourite! Also, I enjoyed the coffee flavour as well!


Teri: The fact that we got to try different flavürs was amazing! I typically find something that I like at a restaurant and order that forever! That has been the case with Yogen Früz® as well so it was awesome to actually venture outside of my bubble! We tried about 8 or so different flavürs, and I really liked a lot of them! Since visiting the head office, Matt and I have been trying different flavürs from our local store as well.


q: You’ve mentioned about a 30 days healthy challenge you did and that you weren’t sure if Yogen Früz® can be consumed during the challenge, can you tell us more about it?

a: Absolutely! I go to a local fitness studio that had a 30 days nutrition challenge for all members. I wanted to do it but was terrified that I would not be able to eat Yogen Früz® (since it makes up at least 3 meals a week for me). I sent over the ingredients to the nutritionist that was running the challenge and she approved it! I always knew Yogen Füz® was healthy but after visiting the head office and learning about the ingredients, Matt and I were amazed at how fresh the fruits are and how  everything gets shipped and frozen at its peak freshness. It is also great that Yogen Früz® offers different yogurt options such as low-fat, no fat and no sugar added in case someone has dietary restrictions.


q: Overall, what did you think about the tour of the Yogen Früz head office?

Matt: The team was some of the friendliest people I have met. Everyone showed us outstanding hospitality as we celebrated Teri’s birthday!


Teri: It was awesome! The people were amazing and we loved seeing the test kitchen, it actually looks like a Yogen Früz® store! Everyone was really passionate about the product which was contagious and made us even more excited to be there.


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