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Canadian National Exhibition 2018

You know it’s the end of Summer break when you start hearing about the annual Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto. Every year, Yogen Früz is serving frozen yogurt, soft serve yogurt, smoothies and fruity ice, but this year we are featuring a brand new product exclusively available at the CNE! If you’ve visited this event before, you would know how hot and thirsty you get after tasting all the extravagant food creations available. Differing ourselves from the other vendors, we focus on healthier alternatives when it comes to refreshments.

Introducing our Früz Tea collection featuring 5 new fresh fruit teas and 5 teas with other toppings.

Fresh Fruit Teas (5 options)

Pineapple Green Tea (with pineapple and lime slices)
Watermelon Fruit Tea (with watermelon chunks and slices)
Tropical Green Tea (with pineapple, mango, orange and lime slices)
Grapefruit Green Tea (with grapefruit and lime slices)
Black Ice Tea (with lime slices)

Fresh Brewed Teas with Toppings (5 options)

Earl Grey Milk Tea (with brown sugar boba jelly)
Passion Fruit Green Tea (with aloe vera)
Black Milk Tea (with lychee boba)
Mango Green Tea (with strawberry boba)
Taro Milk Tea (with lychee jelly)

For our vegan fans, we will be swirling Vegan Coconut and Vegan Pineapple soft serve for a Vegan Piña Colada!

This year, the CNE runs from August 17th until September 3rd in downtown Toronto (210 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3). Yogen Früz will be operating in the food building booth #508. See Ü all there!

Click here for the nutritional information for this year’s CNE Früz Teas.

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