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Yogen Früz Timeline

1986 – The first Yogen Früz store opened in August at Promenade Mall, Thornhill (Toronto), Ontario, Canada.

1987 – The first franchised Outlet opened in London, Ontario

1988 – Yogen Früz opened its 50th location.

1989 – Yogen Früz opened its 100th location.

1991 – Yogurty’s was acquired – most stores were converted to Yogen Früz Brand.

1995 – The Company’s shares began to trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange during the fiscal year.

1995 – Yogen Früz wins the Operators of the Year by Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine.

1997 – Yogen Früz launched its first television commercials worldwide.

1999 – Yogen Früz was selected as the Top Franchise of the year by Entrepreneur’s Magazine.

2005 – The founder of Yogen Früz took the company private with the purchase of the Coolbrands franchise division.

2008 – Yogen Früz rebranded.

2010 – The first Yogen Früz Üserve (soft serve froyo) location opened in South Florida.

2012 – Yogen Früz has over 1300 franchises around the world.

2013 – Yogen Früz was rated one of the Top 500 Global franchises for over 20 years.

2016 – Yogen Früz celebrated its 30th Anniversary.