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Yogen Früz frozen yogurt tastes amazing, but did you know it’s good for you? We’re recommended by many nutritionists and health experts as a low-calorie, healthy treat. Yogen Früz frozen yogurt is a natural source of protein, calcium, and contains probiotics (live and active yogurt cultures) to help support a healthy digestive system and immunity. Our froyo® is made with real fruit flavours and real Canadian dairy milk, is available in both non-fat and low-fat options, and is a good source of dairy for your diet. Because it’s made from real milk, Yogen Früz frozen yogurt is nutritionally rich in calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and protein which all are essential to keep your body healthy and strong.

We carefully label our frozen yogurt flavour tags instore, so you can check our nutritional information right when you’re enjoying it.  Use our online nutrition charts to check if your favourite flavour is gluten free, kosher, non dairy, or download our nutrition charts below:

YF USA Nutritional Chart  YF CANADA Nutritional Chart

Nutritional Icons
  • calcium

  • energy

  • fruit

  • gluten free

  • high in fibre

  • kosher

  • live + activecultures

  • low fat

  • no sugar added

  • non fat

  • non-dairy

  • peanut free

  • pro-biotic

  • protein

  • sherbet

  • sorbet

  • tart

  • vitamin a

  • vitamin c